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Are you looking for 2x Wheel Alignment Bedford for your vehicle?

Every car owner should consider opting for a wheel alignment session every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Car wheel misalignments adversely affect vehicle handling and make you susceptible to several road accidents. Moreover, it causes frequent tyre tread wear and increases the chances of immediate tyre replacements.

IP Cars Ltd offer dependable 2 wheel alignment Bedford at a competitive rate. Our workshop stocks advanced wheel alignment tools. Also, our experts use special sensors and cameras to check the three-wheel angles, helping us get accurate measurements.

Signs of wheel misalignment

Some of the tell-tale signs of car wheel misalignment include:

  • The car pulls in one direction while rolling on a straight road
  • A sudden drop in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Frequent and uneven tyre wears
  • Compromised short-braking performance
  • Unusual juddering in the steering wheel

Immediately visit us in such as case. Not taking the necessary actions soon can cause severe complications and high servicing bills.

About our service

Wide range of wheel alignment service packages

At our facility, we offer the following types of 2 wheel alignment:

Front-end alignment: This process is best for vehicles with solid rear axles.

Thrust alignment: This process ensures all four wheels are correctly aligned.

Toe-alignment: Our experts will offer this alignment if they find an issue in the toe angle of the front wheels.

Checking the wheel angles thoroughly

The experts at our garage use advanced sensors and specialised digital cameras to check the following wheel angles:

Camber: This is the angle between the vertical axis of the car wheels and the vehicle itself.

Caster: The geometrical angle between the vehicle's steering axis and the wheel's vertical axis is the caster angle.

Toe: The wheels' angle with their longitudinal axis is known as the toe angle.

Use of modern tools and automobile technologies

At our garage, we conduct this service using state-of-the-art digital cameras and sensors to locate the fault in the axle geometry. Following this, we re-align the car wheels per the manufacturer's recommended angles using advanced wheel aligners.

Sounds good?

Then, end your search for ‘2 wheel alignment services near me’ and come to us. We are at 68-70 College St, Bedford, MK42 8LU.

Have further questions about our services or want to get a quote?

Then, feel free to call us on 01234 631223 or write to us at

We will be happy to help!