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Are you looking for Air Con Re-gas (Before 2017) for your vehicle?

The refrigerant level in the air conditioning system should be within the optimal level to ensure its smooth functioning. Therefore, automobile experts recommend opting for a routine refrigerant check from a reliable automobile facility to enjoy an uncompromised driving experience through all seasons.

We, IP Cars Ltd, offer air con re-gas Bedford along with a comprehensive check of the air conditioning system, at market-best prices. So if you drive a vehicle manufactured before 2017, we suggest you come to us. We check the refrigerant level in your car’s air-con system and refill it with superior quality R134a gas.

What are the features of R134a refrigerant gas?

R134a, also known as Tetrafluoroethane, belongs to the family of HFC refrigerants. Automobile manufacturers use this gas as an alternative to the CFC and HCFC gases that cause damage to the ozone layer. Further, the R134a gas is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable, which makes it an ideal replacement for the R-12 CFC gas.

When should you opt for air con re-gas Bedford?

Automobile experts recommend opting for an air con re-gas every twelve months. Nevertheless, you should consider getting the air conditioning refrigerant level checked if you come across any of these signs:

  • Hot air comes out from the air conditioning system
  • The clutch does not engage properly
  • You see air con refrigerant leakage
  • Increase in fuel consumption, etc.

One must not ignore these warning signs since they can lead to diminished overall driving comfort and costly replacement bills in the long run.

About our air con re-gas service

When you visit us for an air con re-gas Bedford, we follow an intricate process and ensure 100% accurate results in the least possible time.

Our experts will use advanced diagnostic tools to inspect the components of the car air conditioning system. They will look for signs of leakage and damage. Following this, they will offer cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spares on finding any severely damaged component.

Next, our experts will check the refrigerant level and ensure it is per the manufacturer’s recommendation. They will refill the gas with R134a gas to its optimal level.

Sounds perfect, right?

That is not all!

Our fair pricing policy makes us one of the most sought-after destinations for all ‘car air con gas refill near me’ searches.

You can find us at 68-70 College St, Bedford, MK42 8LU.

To get a quotation for any of our services, dial 01234 631223 today!

If you have further questions, feel free to write to us at

We are looking forward to assisting you with all your automotive needs!