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Are you looking for Cambelt Replacement Bedford for your vehicle?

During the combustion process, different vehicle components, like the valves, pistons, camshaft, crankshaft, etc., work harmoniously to ensure the optimal performance of your car engine. A cambelt, or a timing belt, ensures that these units function harmoniously.

A damaged cambelt can seriously compromise your car handling experience and steering stability, jeopardising your road safety. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance for timing belt damage.

Here, at IP Cars Ltd, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Hence, you can opt for cambelt repair and replacement Bedford across a cost-effective range. Please do not idle away your valuable time looking for other options and contact us today at 01234 631223 for further information.

Causes of cambelt damage

Based on vehicle make and model, experts suggest getting the cambelt replaced after covering 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, an array of issues can contribute to this timing belt malfunctioning, including:

  • Rash driving habits
  • Improper maintenance of the vehicle
  • Manoeuvring your car frequently on rough road terrains
  • High load on the timing belt
  • Poor servicing of the engine block
  • Increased engine revolutions per minute
  • Damaged or worn-out timing pulleys
  • Debris build-up in the timing pulley or drive
  • The belt is under-tensioned

Warning signs of a damaged timing belt

The cambelt is also known as the timing belt because it controls the timing of the opening and closing of the engine valves during internal combustion. As a result, the vehicle enjoys an optimal fuel flow. However, driving with a faulty cambelt can lead to the valve and piston colliding around 200 times per minute. Consequently, the engine can malfunction and result in a roadside vehicular breakdown.

So, do not overlook any warning signs of a faulty timing belt. Contact our experts immediately if you notice symptoms, such as:

  • Illuminated check engine light on the dashboard
  • A rattling or ticking noise from the engine
  • Misfiring vehicle engine or it is not turning off
  • False ignition or the car failing to start
  • Oil leak near the motor
  • Excessive smoke expulsion by the car exhaust system
  • Engine losing power

Why choose us?

Here, our autobody technicians have hands-on expertise and use top-of-the-line equipment to conduct a thorough inspection to understand the issue. Accordingly, we offer repair and replacement measures.

Note that here we provide OE-grade spares as a replacement measure. So, you can rest assured of the quality of these units. Moreover, there is no added hassle as these parts are compatible with vehicle functionality.

Are you interested?

So, stop searching for ‘cambelt replacement near me’ and find us today at 68-70 College Street, Bedford, MK42 8LU.

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