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Are you looking for Coolant Change for your vehicle?

The coolant, also known as antifreeze, is crucial in preventing your car engine from succumbing to weather extremities. Therefore, if the coolant level is below the manufacturer-specified level, your vehicle can face a roadside breakdown, leaving you stranded.

Thus, based on your car’s make and model, autobody experts suggest you get routine coolant replacement. This interval span varies from vehicle to vehicle, but the antifreeze level ideally requires checking after 30,000 miles.

At IP Cars Ltd, we offer coolant change Bedford at an affordable rate. Our experts inspect the antifreeze level in your car and offer a top-up if it is running low. Over time, the antifreeze can become acidic and cause corrosion, damaging the radiator, thermostat or water pump. So, we flush out the older coolant and replace it with a new coolant best-suited for your car.

Sounds promising?

Therefore, stop searching for ‘coolant change near me’ and visit our workshop at 68-70 College Street, Bedford, MK42 8LU now!

Importance of coolant

The antifreeze ensures that your car’s engine does not malfunction from the adverse effects of the temperature, both in summer and winter. To elaborate, overexposure to extreme cold can prevent the proper operating capabilities of your car engine. However, the low freezing point of this coolant prevents engine failure from the chilly atmosphere.

On the other hand, extremely high temperatures can lead to overheating of the car’s engine. As a result, the combustion chamber cannot function properly, leading to engine breakdown. So, the coolant acts as a heat exchange to ensure there is no such impairment.

Furthermore, coolant also works as a lubricant for several of your car components, such as:

  • Head gasket
  • Piston
  • Cylinder, etc

Consequently, these parts face a reduced risk of damage when you manoeuvre your car.

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