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Are you looking for Electrical Repair Bedford for your vehicle?

The electrical components of your vehicle ensure a safe and comfortable car handling experience while hitting the road. Consequently, malfunctioning parts can prevent your vehicle from clearing the annual MOT test in a single go. An unchecked underlying issue can lead to a roadside vehicular breakdown, leaving you stranded.

At IP Cars Ltd, we use state-of-the-art technology to offer car electrical repair and replacement Bedford. Our experts follow the best industry practices to get the job done in the least possible time.

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Why choose us?

Our autobody technicians with hands-on experience utilise top-of-the-line equipment and cutting-edge tools to provide services, such as:

Headlights replacement

Your vehicle’s headlights are crucial in ensuring your overall wellbeing while manoeuvring the car. Additionally, damaged headlights can lead to your vehicle receiving a VT30 certificate in our MOT test. Note that it is illegal to drive with this certificate in the UK. So, contact us immediately if you start noticing bulb malfunction symptoms, such as flickering headlights or repetitive fuse blowout. Here we have an enviable stock of Halogen, LED and Xenon bulbs. We provide adequate replacement solutions with OEM spares based on the car make and model.

Alternator repair and replacement

The alternator is among the most crucial combustion engine components. It is responsible for powering the electrical system and charging the car battery while the engine runs. Therefore, a malfunctioning alternator can jeopardise the optimal functioning of your vehicle. We conduct a thorough inspection and offer prompt solutions.

Starter check

The starting gear of your car starter engages the engine flywheel, leading the car engine to rotate. So, a malfunctioning starter can prevent the internal combustion from the engine's cranking while you turn the ignition switch. Therefore, we conduct a thorough check and offer proper replacement measures.

We also provide:

  • Car air conditioner service
  • Battery replacements

Sounds promising?

Then you can quit searching for ‘car electrical repair and replacement near me’ and visit us at 68-70 College Street, Bedford, MK42 8LU now!