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Avon Tyres

Avon is a subsidiary brand of the America-based tyre manufacturer Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. This tyre manufacturer remains a trusted name for providing affordable products without compromising the standards.

To buy top-quality Avon tyres Bedford, consider IP Cars Ltd as a best option. Our enviable collection is up to date with the latest models from the brand. Therefore, you can end your search for "Avon tyres near me" with us and start browsing our virtual catalogue from the comfort of your home!

Simply enter your vehicle's registration number or the tyre size in our website's tyre finder tool to explore our inventory and pick out the model your vehicle requires.

Why Choose Us?

At IP Cars Ltd we consider 100% customer satisfaction as our only priority. So, we retail some of the bestselling models from Avon, such as:

Avon ZT7 [Summer Tyre]

The hard rubber compound of these tyre models offers lower rolling resistance and improved fuel economy on the hotter surface. Additionally, Avon's noise-dampening technology ensures you have a quiet and comfortable ride.

Avon WV7 Snow [Winter Tyre]

These products offer optimal traction and braking performance when you drive on snowy surfaces. Moreover, their high ratio sipe density can lower the risk of hydroplaning.

AS7 All Season [All Season Tyre]

Avon's top-of-the-line all-season silica and resin technology makes sure these models are reliable all year long performance.

Avon Rangemaster [4x4 Tyre]

The robust radial design and reinforced sidewall of these models offer steering stability and enhanced car handling experience for both on-road and off-road driving.

ZZS [Performance Tyre]

These models are designed to offer optimum on-track performance for sports cars and other next-generation vehicles.

ZZ3 [Run Flat Tyres]

These RFTs can retain their structural integrity and allow you to continue driving for a limited distance at a limited speed after a puncture.

Interested? So, contact us on 01234 631223 now! Or visit us at 68-70 College St, Kempston, Bedford MK42 8LU.