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Continental Tyres

Established in 1871 in Germany, Continental is a multinational automotive parts manufacturing brand. The company enjoys a loyal customer base from around the world and is currently the third-largest tyre manufacturer globally.

Are you looking for top-quality Continental tyres Bedford to change your road game? You should contact us - IP Cars Ltd today. We come with an all-inclusive tyre collection to cater to all your vehicular needs. Moreover, you can opt for end-to-end assistance from our technicians who will help you make a suitable purchase.

Sounds promising? Then, do not hesitate to visit us at 68-70 College St, Kempston, Bedford MK42 8LU. Or, if that is too time-consuming, use our website’s tyre finder tool to buy tyres online. You only need to provide your vehicle’s registration details or the tyre size to start browsing our virtual catalogue!

You can also book a suitable fitting appointment with your order.

Tyre Variants Available

You can find Continental tyres across multiple categories and sizes for all major vehicle models. To cater to our client’s requirements, we retail:

Summer Tyres

Made with hard rubber compound, these products offer lower rolling resistance when the mercury rises above 7 degrees Celsius. The shallow tread depth and the unique tread bards help to deliver superior traction and control on dry tracks.

Best Selling Models:

  • Sport Contact™ 7
  • Sport Contact™ 6
  • Eco Contact™ 6

Winter Tyres

These tyres are ideal for winter, as their high sipe density provides enhanced traction and braking performance on snowy road surfaces. Moreover, these models are silica-enriched to sustain their structural integrity even during extremely cold weather.

Best Selling Models:

  • Winter Contact™ TS 870 P
  • Winter Contact™ TS 870
  • Conti Winter Contact™ TS 850

All Season Tyres

Made with an all-adaptive tread compound, these tyres are an ideal alternative if you want to skip the hassle of seasonal tyre replacement each year.

Best Selling Model:

  • All Season Contact™

We also provide:

  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Run-Flat Tyres

You can now stop searching for “Continental tyres near me” and get in touch with us instead.

You can also send us an email at in case you have any questions.