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Michelin Tyres

Based in France, Michelin is currently the second largest tyre manufacturing brand globally.

Are you looking for premium Michelin tyres Bedford?

Then, do not hesitate to contact IP Cars Ltd. You can find us at 68-70 College St, Kempston, Bedford MK42 8LU.

Our facility stocks a wide range of Michelin tyres for all major car makes at competitive rates.

Can’t come to our facility due to work or other engagements? Place an online tyre order today from the comfort of your home. Use the tyre finder tool on our website to browse the virtual tyre catalogue and make your choice!

Our Collection

Here, we retail a wide array of Michelin tyres to cater to the diverse needs of your vehicle, such as:

Latitude Sport 3 [Summer Tyre]

These tyres are ideal for warmer weather. Designed with a hard rubber compound containing latest generation of elastomers, these products are also highly effective on wet surfaces. Additionally, the two-ply carcass of these models offers them a reinforced structural design, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Alpin 6 [Winter Tyre]

These models ensure your car gets optimal traction and braking efficiency on ice and snow-covered roads. Following the latest EU tyre labelling rules, these tyres have a 3PMSF symbol – ensuring their capacity to withstand the weather extremities during winter. Moreover, the grooves and sipes on this model help to effectively eliminate snow from beneath the tyre.

Cross Climate 2 [All Season Tyre]

The thermal adaptive tread compound in these models helps them offer optimal performance throughout the year in moderate temperature conditions. Moreover, its V-shaped grooves ensure quick dispersion of water from beneath the tyre, reducing the chances of hydroplaning.

That’s not all.

We also retail other tyre variants from Michelin, including:

  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Run Flat Tyres

Sounds promising? So, why search for “Michelin tyres near me”? Just contact our experts.

We are happy to help!