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Are you looking for Winter Servicing Bedford for your vehicle?

Winters in the United Kingdom feature biting cold temperatures, dense fogs and extreme snowfall. Therefore, ensuring that your car is ready to face the challenges of the winter season becomes necessary.

At IP Cars Ltd, we offer winter servicing Bedford at a competitive rate. Our comprehensive winter service will help your vehicle beat the challenges of the harsh winter season and give you optimal vehicle performance and driving comfort.

What are the checks covered under our winter servicing?

Here is a list of checks covered under our winter servicing Bedford:

Tyres check

Our experts will check if your car has the right tyres installed. Further, we will also ensure that your car tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread depth and are free of damage. If the tyres are not meeting the legal parameters, we will suggest replacements from our stock.

Car battery inspection

The car battery system tends to be negatively affected during cold winter. The extremely cold lowers the efficiency of the battery system, causing it to malfunction. Our technicians inspect all the parts of your car battery system, such as the cables, wires, terminals, charging system, etc. Following this, we suggest cost-effective replacement solutions. We also check if the fluid level in the battery system is within the recommended levels and refill it if needed.

Coolant and antifreeze check

Our technicians will ensure that the coolant and antifreeze are in the ratio of 50:50. This ascertains your car engine system performs optimally without any hassle.

Apart from the checks stated above, our winter servicing Bedford consists of:

  • Engine oil check
  • Windscreen and wiper inspection
  • Electrical components checks
  • Car braking system inspection and many more

Sounds good, right?

Then, end your ‘winter car services near me’ searches and visit us.

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